RIBE in Slovakia

RIBE SLOVAKIA (k.s.) is consolidation company which has two productions factories. Factories are situated in Nitra and in Dubnica nad Váhom. The firm was established in 1996 year as subsidier of RIBE Verbindungstechnik, GmbH&Co.KG which is situated in the Schwabach in Germany.

RIBE SLOVAKIA k.s., in Nitra is supplier in the production of specialized connection –joints material for Europian automotive industry, aircraft industry and consumer industry. Plant producing aproximately 3000 types products for small and middle most series productions. Main production programm is producing strength parts. Mainly screw are produced moulding from wire by cold forming.

RIBE SLOVAKIA k.s. is factory in Dubnica nad Váhom which is orientated on production in large series of screws by production cold forming, straightening, rolling, surface treatment and last but not least plant is packed all sortiments to finals clients. Factory in Dubnica nad Váhom producing technical springs, too. Next activity is filled out with production of assembled components for automotive industry. Also, this plant is oriented and offered itself service as job-order hardening for external customers.

Ribe Slovakia, k.s. imploys 210 fixed employees in both plants. Every product is holder of quality, skills and experiences obtainable during the 15 years existence of firm.. Ribe Slovakia, k.s. is focused on quality ISO 9001:2008,ISO TS 16 949:2009 and certification verify conformance to standarts and provide the process for continuos improvement throughout the organization.